Frequently asked questions

Can areas of the park be visited separately?

The Jaderpark is made up of various sections, however these cannot be visited separately, and there is no separate price for each place. Even the play zone can only be visited in combination with the other areas (all facilities in summer; in combination with the zoo only in winter).

Are there facilities for my baby?

There are 3 baby-changing facilities available. On the “Disabled services” page there is a route map marked with a red arrow. Have a look here...
You can heat up your own baby food in restaurant areas.

Can I bring my dog?

You are welcome to bring your dog to the park for a small entrance fee.
However, please note the following:
Please keep the dog on a short lead.
If your dog barks at our animals, please quickly take your dog away.
Please do not allow your dog to go under or over the barriers or too close to the enclosures.
Please dispose of any dog litter. Doggie bags can be purchased from the entrance for a fee.
Dogs are not permitted to access petting enclosures, animal enclosures, fairground rides, the play zone and any other areas of the park that specifically do not allow dogs.
We hope you and your four-legged friend enjoy your day with us.
WARNING! Other animals are not permitted!

What payment methods are available?

As well as cash payment, you have the option to pay the entrance fee with an EC card, VISA and MasterCard.

Do you have handcarts available?

We do not have handcarts available for hire. You are welcome to bring your own, however.

I would like to purchase a gift voucher to pet and feed the animals!

We are often asked whether it is possible to purchase gift vouchers for various occasions to pet, feed or take care of various wild animal species.
Unfortunately the answer to this question is "No".
Where possible, we offer opportunities for close contact with the animals through public displays and guided tours. We are unable to offer further opportunities for many reasons (animal health, hygiene, safety).

Thank you for your understanding!

Can I do an apprenticeship or training at the Jaderpark?

We do not offer training as a zoo keeper or other areas.

You can apply for a zoo keeper internship as follows:
Personal registration:
Every Wednesday between 3 pm and 4 pm you can ask the animal carers questions at the park. Please contact the ticket office if interested.
Telephone reservations:
Ms G. Grond: Telephone +49 (0)176/23731576 (Wednesday to Sunday, 10.00 am - 12.00 pm and 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm)
Please make a note of these times! Staff are either off-duty outside of these hours or are not available by telephone due to practical reasons.

We do not require a written application, just the reason for wanting to do an internship and, of course, the desired duration!